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Proofreading and Copy Editing

Fiction and nonfiction. Depending on the text, my rate ranges from 0.01 EUR to 0.02 EUR per word. No poetry.


Professional Arabic-English and English-Arabic academic, legal, and commercial translation. Depending on the text, my rate ranges from 0.06 EUR to 0.09 EUR per word. Greek-Arabic and Arabic-Greek translation can also be provided at a minimum rate of 0.14 per word.

Content Creation

Professional content creation services in Arabic, English, and Greek. The price is calculated per project.


The flickering light in this cell does not annoy me, not even in the slightest. Neither does the sense of impending doom, nor do the distant cries of the condemned. The scratches left on the filthy walls haunt my eyes wherever they roam. But I seem immune to such misery, for in such hard existence....

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On the Bank of Someșul Mic

There is nothing that I find more repulsive than the dirty, melting snow on the sidewalks of Cluj-Napoca. People say that my dislike is rather peculiar, but to me, this unsightly scene, which becomes more frequent by the end of March, reflects the duality within the city.

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1382: A Manuscript Found in a Pit in The Hoia Forest

Hell has long been my dwelling. My soul was born hovering above the fine line that separates dreams from reality—if the latter truly exists. It is rather tragic that our waking state has been regarded as the single most in which the real is experienced, while all we see in our slumber is derided as “unreal.”

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Aziz the Idiot

The summer sun of Cluj-Napoca shone upon the suburb of Gheorgheni. Tall trees stood proudly in the green spaces between apartment blocks while red and white roses adorned the front yards of the few detached houses. Nothing ruined that scene but the sight of three open dumpsters bulging out of the nearby doorless lean-to shed whose outer walls had retained very little of their original white color and were now covered by a layer of dirt and mold.

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Mission Possible: Intercultural Communication and the Quest for Finding Shared Meaning

Alajlani, Zaher. “Mission Possible: Intercultural Communication and the Quest for Finding Shared Meaning”. Metacritic Journal for Comparative Studies and Theory, 7.2 (2021). Doi: https://doi.org/10.24193/mjcst.2021.12.11

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Cultural Schizophrenia and Rebellion in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

Alajlani, Zaher. “Cultural Schizophrenia and Rebellion in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, vol. 19, no. 19/2019, Nov. 2019, pp. 890–896.

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